Health and Disease in Jaina Canonical Scriptures: A Modern Medical Perspective

Posted: 29.11.2016
By Divyen Shah
Centre of Jaina Studies Newsletter: SOAS - University of London In the earliest Śvetāmbara canonical scripture, the Ācārāṅga, is found a list of 16 diseases, interpreted as associated with a rise in karmic particles. Disease and human suffering is a product of and also results in karmic particles that stick to the soul and form a barrier that has to be shed before a perfect body and kevalajñāna is...

The Grammar of Jina Iconography II [Part 15]

Posted: 23.03.2012
By Prof. Dr. Klaus Bruhn
The essay was published in Berliner Indologische Studien No. 13/14. 2000, pp. 273-337 . § 12. Bibliography A. Ancient Texts Ka “ Ka“ stands for the (unpublished?) Kanarese manuscript (text) on which Jas. B urgess ' (Alexander R ea's ) document of the YY was based. The descriptions are not identical with those of the Prati ṣṭ hāsāroddhāra. Hingorani Di: 9; G lasenapp Jn: 532-533;...

Gujarat ►Sarotra ►Bavanadhvaja Jinalaya

Posted: 05.08.2011
By Harihar Singh
Bhāvanadhvaja Jinālaya at Sarotra The Bhāvanadhvaja Jinālaya at Sarotra is a temple site of special art historical interest. The temple was desecrated and damaged when Henry Cousens visited the place in 1885 and took a few photographs. Since then, the site was widely neglected by the art historical research, so the current conditions of the site are unknown but it is assumed that the building was allowed to...

Aspects of Jaina Art and Architecture

Posted: 27.07.2011
By Harihar Singh
Aspects of Jaina Art and Architecture Collection of Essays Contents: The Jaina Concept of Deity (by D.D. Malvania) Jaina Temple as Envisaged by Dhanapala in the Tilakamanjari (by N.M. Kansara) The Jaina Architecture and Iconography in the Vastushastras of Western India (by P.O. Sompura / M.A. Dhaky) On the Meaning of the Terms Balanaka and Caitya (by H.C. Bhayani) The Classical Kannada Literature and the...

Gujarat ►Junagadh ►Jain Temples of Girnar

Posted: 24.06.2011
Jain Temples of Girnar The following article is compiled from different passages of the book Jaina Temples from Western India by Harihar Singh (Varanasi 1980, pp. 36f; 146-148 ; 151; 191f; 197). 1. The temple site of Girnar Girnar or Girinar is one of the most sacred hills of the Jainas, lying four miles east of Junagadh, Gujarat. This is the highest hill in Gujarat, rising to a height of about 3470 ft. obove...

Gujarat ►Kumbharia ►Jain Temples

Posted: 17.06.2011
By Harihar Singh
Jain Temples at Kumbharia The following article is compiled from two chapters of the book Jaina Temples from Western India by Harihar Singh (Varanasi 1980, pp. 34f. and 107f.). 1. The historical site of Kumbharia Kumbharia is situated about fourteen miles southeast of Abu Road and one and a half miles from Ambaji in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat. Once the whole region from Ambaji to Kumbharia was known as...

Gujarat ►Taranga ►Jain Temples

Posted: 03.06.2011
Jain Temples at Taranga Hills Taranga Jain Temple (Taranga Tirtha) is a place of pilgrimage of Digambar and Shwetambar Jains in Mehsana district of Gujarat. It was constructed in the 12th century CE by king Kumarpal of Solanki dynasty, advised by his teacher Acharya Hemachandra. The pilgrimage site consists of 14 temples with a Shikhara temple, dedicated to Ajitanātha, in the centre. Digambar Jains settled on...

Jaina Temples of Western India

Posted: 01.06.2011
Jaina Temples of Western India Revised PhD-thesis (Banaras Hindu University, 1976), treating the architecture of Jaina temples from Gujarat upto 13th century CE. Author: Harihar Singh Publisher: Parshvanath Vidyashram Research Institute, Varanasi Year: 1982 Pages: xvi + 279, Plates

Gujarat ►Bhadreshwar ►Jain Temple

Posted: 11.03.2011
Jain Temple at Bhadreshwar The ancient temple site is located west of the village of Bhadreshwar (or Bhadreshvar), just a few miles far from the seashore. The ancient name of the place was Bhadravati, which was a flourishing city and one of the most important places of Jain pilgrimage of ancient Kutch. According to some local legends the temple and the village nearby were built during the period of Mahabharata...

Publishers Note

Posted: 29.01.2011
Sarva Seva Sangh feels immense pleasure in bringing out the English translation of Samaṇ Suttaṁ. Acharya Vinoba ji has brought out the essence of all the religions and their religious works such as The Essence of Christi­anity, Navasaṁhitā of Dhamma-pada, Kurānasāra, Bhāgavata Dharmasāra,The Essence of the Vedas, The Essence of the Manusmṛti etc. He also wanted to bring out the essence of Jaina...