Dr. Vincent, S.J. Sekhar

Updated on: 12.06.2010


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Dep. of Philosophy

Arul Anandar College (Autonomous)
Karumathur - 625514, Madurai Tamil Nadu India


Dr. Vincent Sekhar is a Jesuit from South India. After his M.Phil and PhD in the Dept of Jainology from the University of Madras, he did post-doctoral research as a Junior Fellow at Woodstock Theological Centre, Washington, DC, USA.

Besides teaching in the dept. of Philosophy at Arul Anandar college, Karumathur, he also coordinates the works of Jesuits in South Asia, engaged in the field of Interfaith Dialogue. He has published several articles on themes related to Jain studies from inter-disciplinary and Christian perspectives.

His book "Dharma - In Early Brahmanic, Buddhist and Jain Traditions" is a researched work on the technical and popular meaning and understanding of Dharma from the early Brahmanic, Buddhist, and Jain perspectives. The book also covers the technical meaning (s) of the term Dharma, compares and contrasts them between traditions.
His latest book is "Quest for Harmony: An anthology of Religions in Dialogue."



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