Acharya Kundakunda

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Acharya Kunda Kunda, Acharya Kundkund, Kundakunda


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Born: 1-2nd century CE


Kundakunda, Kundkund, Kunda Kunda

A celebrated Jain Acharya, Jain scholar monk, exponent of Jain mysticism and Jain nayas dealing with the nature of the soul and its contamination by matter.

Composer of spiritual classics such as:

  • Atthapahuda (Eight Discourses)
  • Barasanuvekkha (Twelve Contemplations)
  • Dasabhatti (Ten Worships)
  • Niyamasara (Essence of Discipline)
  • Pancastikayasara (Essence of the Five Existents)
  • Pravacanasara (Essence of the Scripture)
  • Samayasara (Essence of the doctrine)

He occupies the highest place in the tradition of the Jain acharyas.

He belonged to the Mula Sangh order. His proper name was Padmanandi, he is popularly referred to as Kundakunda because he was born in a place named Kaundakunda in South India. He is closely associated with the Digambara sect, also in recent decades, his books have become popular among Svetambaras also.

He was known also as:

  • Padmanandi
  • Elacarya  
  • Vakragriva
  • Grddhapiccha



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