Radha Bhatt

Updated on: 30.12.2008


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Radha Bhatt’s work in the picturesque but poor Himalayan foothills is a canny combination of progressive ideas and Gandhian ideals-and they have functioned wonderfully. She is working for the Kasturba National Memorial Trust (KNMT), which received NGO Consultative Status (II) by the UN.

This Instutute of Social Studies Trust ISST, has conducted over the years several pioneering research studies, with a view of designing alternative development strategies that recognise the role and contribution of vulnerable groups, including women.

From protesting against the raw deal uneducated women in the Uttaranchal Himalayas are handed out to become one of the best known social and political activists in the country - that has been Radha Bhatt’s journey over the past 70 - odd years. Along the way, she has tackled alcoholism among men in Uttaranchal, the empowerment of women, the Chipko (tree-hugging) movement, open mining on the fragile Uttaranchal highlands, and has been part of the nationwide protest against big dams.

She is part of the trainers of the first workshop organised by Friends of Tibet (INDIA) on ‘Non-Violence & Social Action’ (Rangzen Workshop Series) with the theme: ‘Non-Violence, Spirituality and Community Action’ by Radha Bhatt. She is part time teacher at the Bhavan Institute of Indian Art and Culture. And she gives also courses in workshops of organic farming.



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