Dr. Sulekh Chand Jain

Updated on: 13.01.2015


Dr. Sulekh C. Jain, Sulekh Jain


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77479 Houston Texas USA


Phone: 281 494 7656
Mobile: 832 594 8005
E-Mail: scjain(at)earthlink.net


Dr. Sulekh Jain was born in a religious family in Delhi.

After obtaining B.S and M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering in India, he went to England in 1965 where he got his Ph.D. In 1969, he moved to United States of America and has lived in several places including Berkley, California, Worcester, Massachusetts, Cincinnati, Ohio and Houston, Texas.

After working at Wyman Gordon Company, Combustion Engineering and General Electric Company in various Technical and Managerial capacities for nearly 28 years, he is now the President of his own Engineering Consulting Company (MMT Solutions) in Houston Texas where he now lives. He is author/co-author of more than 50 technical papers and books and has 10 International and US Patents.

All along, Dr. Jain has been active in many religious and social activities within the Jain and non-Jain communities in the U.S.A and Canada.

Dr. Jain is Founder / Co-Founder of several organizations and institutions in North America such as:

During the last 35 years, Dr. Jain has served as:

  • President of Jain Society of Houston (1982-83),
  • Jain Center of Cincinnati/Dayton (1987-89),
  • Jain Academic Foundation of North America (1994-98) and
  • JVB Preksha Meditation Center Houston, (2001-2002)
  • Vice President of Mahavir World Vision Inc
  • Board member of
    • Jain Society of Houston
    • World Council of Jain Academies
    • JAIN SPIRIT International magazine



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