Mayumi Mezaki

Updated on: 09.01.2014


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Mayumi is a propagandist of the Holy Master Onisaburo Deguchi/Great Guide for humankind and representative of Ikebana Ikenobo Study Group Italy. She has been energetically engaged in various kinds of activities. Although her activities are multifaceted, they are based on one philosophy, which is to work for the sake of world peace and well-being of all humans. She has been organizing a Tokyo Study Group of Onisaburo for 23 years. And she is also a member of Aizen-en religious organization. She lives together with her family and friends, through living up to teaching which guide us to world of divine love. She also shows great expertise in Ikebana. She is a professor with a certificate of Katoku, which is one of the highest ranks of Ikebana authorized by Ikenobo. As a representative of Ikenobo Study Group of Italy, she has, apart from giving lessons to her friends, conducted Ikebana exhibitions and seminars in Italy.



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