Shivani Bothra

Updated on: 29.12.2014


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Born: Ladnun, Rajasthan


302019 Jaipur India


Phone: +91-141-2292838, +91-92516-48812
E-Mail: shivanibothra(at)


HN4U Team since: 2008.09

Shivani Bothra graduated from Florida International University, Miami, USA in April 2013 with MA in Religious Studies. Her thesis was a critical analysis of the Anuvrat Movement. Her previous MA was in the Science of Living, Yoga and Preksha Meditation, taken at Jain Vishva Bharati Institute in Rajasthan, India.

Shivani is a programme co-ordinator of the International Summer School for Jain Studies (ISSJS) in India since 2009, she is a reporter for the online magazine HereNow4U and a contributor to the Swiss online magazine Alimentarium and to the Jain portal Jainpedeia.
Her next milestone is to complete the doctoral study programme at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Her thesis is an ethnographic study of analysing children's religious education models within Jainism in India and in diaspora. She inquires into the shift of religious education in these paradigms from what was taught to what is taught in an increasingly secular world. How these models are a a vehicle  to shape cultural and diasporic identities.



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