Dr. Stephen Walsh

Updated: 25.08.2008


Born in Belfast, Stephen Walsh obtained his PhD from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London, where he lectured full time for several years.

He is currently Science Co-ordinator of the International Vegetarian Union and a member of the UK Vegan Society governing council.

Acclaimed by The Sunday Times as an “accomplished databuster” in debunking spurious nutritional claims by vested interests, his background in process systems analysis enables him to analyse data, construct models and optimise choices to get the best possible results.

He is the author of “Plant Based Nutrition and Health”, published in September 2003. This book involved sifting through thousands of scientific studies to develop realistic recommendations for optimal health at all stages of life. “I am not interested in research for the sake of fine debating points,” he says, “but to help people improve their lives.”

All the recommendations are based on human studies, often of many thousands of people, and extensive references are provided.  None of the recommendations is based on information obtained from experiments on animals.

The book has received favourable reviews worldwide and the author is frequently called upon to give talks in the UK and abroad and to comment on nutrition and health issues in the media. Other publications are in progress.

He is actively involved in the UK vegan community and organised the annual UK Vegan Camp for several years. The camp is attended by more than a hundred vegans every year and provides a great opportunity for vegans of all ages and their families to have fun and share experiences. The lessons from those experiences complement the findings of scientific studies to provide the basis for a comprehensive and realistic approach to vegan health.

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