Muni Sudha Sagar Ji Maharaj

Updated on: 13.06.2017


Muni Sudhasagar, Sudhasagar


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A part of jain sangha of vidya sagar ji maharaj, sudhasagar ji is a very knowlegible saint in the clan of saints of jainism. a very prominent guru, he works for the welfare of the jain temples, jains and the society. he is the one who laid the foundations of temples which were in very bad condition decades ago. many examples of these are sanganer, kota etc. he has also laid many temples like nareli in kishangarh etc. Sudhasagar took the initiative to get an ancient Jain temple of Tirthankara Shantinatha, situated in Bajranggarh, Madhya Pradesh, repaired and reconstructed.

Foundation stone for Jain temple in Banswara, Rajasthan was laid in his presence in April, 2016.

Sudhasagar visited Udaipur in June 2016.



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