Acharya Nemichandra

Updated: 07.11.2017
Acarya Nemicandra, Acharya Nemichandra Siddhanta Chakravarty


Nemichandra Siddhanta Chakravarty (10th century), was the celebrated author of
  • Dravyasamgraha,
  • Gomattasara (Jivkand and Karmakand),
  • Triloksara,
  • Labdhisara,
  • Kshapanasara.
He was among the most distinguished of the Jain Acharyas. At the request of Chamundaraya, he wrote Gomattasar taking the essence of all available works of the great Acharyas. He also supervised the consecration of the Gomateshwara statue (c.980 AD).

The Dravyasamgraha of Nemichandra (ca. 10th century) is a sacred text of Jainism.


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