1. Tirthankara Adinatha

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1. Tirthankara Rishabhanatha, Aadinath, Adeshwar, Adinath, Adishvar, Adishwar, Bhagawan Adinath, Rishabdeo, Rishabdev, Rishabh, Rishabha, Rishabhdeva, Rishabhnath, Rishabhnatha, Rsabhanatha, Vṛṣabhanātha, Ādināth, Ṛṣabha, Ṛṣabhadeva, Ṛṣabhanātha


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1. Tirthankara - Rishabhanatha / Adinatha

Father's Name


Mother's Name


Birth Place


Birth Tithi

Chatra ku. 8

Diksha Tithi

Chatra ku. 8

Kevalgyan Tithi

falgun ku. 8



Diksha Sathi


Shadhak Jeevan

1,00,000 purva

Age Lived

84,00,000 purva

Lakshan Sign


Neervan Place


Neervan Sathi


Neervan Tithi

madha ku. 13

Rishabha (Rsabha) was the first Jina hence he is often called Adi-natha. He is mentioned in most of the Hindu Puranas, Markandeya, Kurma, Vayu, Garuda, Brahmanda, Varaha, Linga, Vishnu, Skandha etc, with Bhagavat giving the most details. In the past he was always portrayed with long hair.

Rsabha was the first arhat. As a king, he was the pioneer in the fields of agriculture, trade and commerce, and crafts. He developed these for the good of his people. He was the first to set up a social organization and administrative machinery for it. He became an ascetic in pursuit of spiritual attainments and was canonized as an Arhat. Then he began to preach his religion. This event belongs to that period of pre-history when human civilization was in its infancy. Primitive people were being settled in villages in organized communities. Arhat Rsabha lit into every heart the fire, which burnt in himself. The tradition of the arhats was born and it flowed unfettered till the time of Parsva who was a historical figure. The earlier arhats are considered to be pre-historic....

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