Prof. Chris De Lauwer

Updated on: 03.01.2015


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Antwerp Netherlands


Antwerp is known as world's Diamond city and home for a lot of Indian origin immigrants. It will be a rarity to find an Indian from Antwerp who has never heard of Professor Chris De Lauwer. An avid traveller and a proud mother of two, she was born and raised in India where her father worked as an engineer for over 10 years.

After studying and teaching Indology at the Department of Languages and Cultures of South Asia at the Ghent University, she led the Public Relations of the Ethnographic Museum of Antwerp for 10 years.

As an Indologist, she specializes in Jainism, which is the most prominent religion among Indian diamond merchants at Antwerp. She also teaches Jainism at the Faculty for Comparative Religious Studies in Wilrijk and Indian religions at the Centre Pieter Gillis.



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