Acharya Chandana

Updated on: 12.12.2014


Acharya Chandanaji, Acharya Shri Chandanaji


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Chief Director of Veerayatan

Acharya Chandana, also known as Tai Maharaj, is the first Jain Sadhvi (nun) to receive the title of Acharya. She belongs to the Amarmuni Sampradaya which, as of 2013, is the only monastic lineage to promote a nun to the rank of Acharya. This is controversial within the Jain community. She is known for introducing the concept of seva (service to humanity) among the Jain .

In 1972, she began her humanitarian work in a poverty-stricken area in the state of Bihar, India. She founded Veerayatan - a non-profit, non-governmental service organization which as of 2013 has centers in more than ten countries. A biopic Never Before has also been made to commemorate her life.



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