Dr. Scott R. Stroud

Updated on: 28.11.2014


Dr. Scott Stroud


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Austin Texas USA


Dr. Scott R. Stroud (Ph.D., Temple University, 2006) specializes in the intersection between rhetoric and philosophy.  His current research concerns John Dewey's aesthetic theory and the insights it provides with respect to rhetorical experience. He is particularly interested in the connections between artful communication, individual flourishing, and democracy as explicated by the American pragmatists.  His book,John Dewey and the Artful Life  (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2011), engages these themes in detail.  His book, Kant and the Promise of Rhetoric  (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2014), provides a first-of-its-kind reappraisal of Kant and his relation to the rhetorical tradition.  His work also extends to topics in comparative rhetoric, narrative theory, and communication ethics.  His research has been published in venues such as Rhetoric Society QuarterlyPhilosophy & RhetoricRhetoric & Public Affairs, the Journal of Communication and Religion, the Western Journal of Communication, and the Journal of Speculative Philosophy.



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