Prof. Josef Bartosek

Updated on: 18.11.2014


Josef Bartošek


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Prague Czech Republic


There are hardly any Jains living in Czech Republic and consequently there are no Jain organizations or Jain temples either. But in spite of this, it is heartening to see that Jainism is being taught in the most prestigious Charles University in Prague. Prof. Josef Bartosek is a Czech professor, who has been regularly offering a course on Jainism at Charles University in Prague. He uses a more practical approach in his teaching such as demonstrating a Jain 'Snatra Pooja' performance live in the class for the students. His research focus is on Jainism's importance for religionist study along with its function in a multicultural society. He lives a very simple life like a true Jain saint in Prague. His family does not keep a car or aTV set in their home and is frugal when it comes to material things.



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