Dr. Shanta Ram Maley

Updated on: 17.10.2014


S.R. Maley



Just imagine how our world will look like if garbage could be converted into something very useful & beautiful and if there is no fear of contracting any disease because of the garbage dump lying just next door. There is one person who has made this possible and very workable at only a fraction of the cost which otherwise is invariably high with such kind of projects. He has created a virtual paradise from mountains of waste. Dr. S.R. Maley is a doctorate in Agronomy and has worked in the field of Agronomy and Municipal Solid Waste Management for the past 39 years at various organizations, such as Excel Industries Ltd., Lupin Laboratories and Hindustan Lever Ltd. He is known for his pioneer role in giving shape to Municipal Solid Waste Management in India and appeared in the popular social issue talk show "Satyamev Jayate" hosted by Aamir Khan.



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