Chetan Sanghvi

Updated on: 16.10.2014


Chetan V. Sanghvi


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San Francisco California United Statas


Mr. Chetan V. Sanghvi is actively involved in various community and inter-faith activities. He was the Editor-in-Chief for the Jain Digest - a North American Jain magazine published by JAIN A. His interests involve scientific validation and investigation of various topics related to Jainism and spiritualism in general. Born in Jain tradition, he struggled to reconcile Jain traditional beliefs that lacked scientific scrutiny. He credits his Guru Acharaya Mahapragya for clarifying the subtle differences and relationship between truth as understood by tradition and finding the truth by experience. Professionally, Mr. Sanghvi has over 30 years of experience in start-up management, R&D team incubation for start-ups, semi-conductor development & production and systems development.

He is currently the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of CoreEL Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India.



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