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Updated on: 14.08.2014


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Born: 1950 in Berlin


Crosswind Publishing
31515 Wunstorf Germany


Phone: +49 +5033 911040


Hermann Kuhn studied Indian philosophy and mysticism for over 30 years directly at their sources in Asia. Altogether he spent five years in India for this purpose.

Kuhn translated the central Jain scripture - Tattvarthasutra - into modern, contemporary English and German (published from 1995 onwards as 'The Key to the center of the Universe' and 'Karma - The Mechanism'.) Emphasizing the highly practical side of this scripture he made the work accessible to a wide international audience unfamiliar with ancient Indian language and philosophy.

2007 he followed this up with his book 'unlimited horizons' which shows how lavers of awareness - as depicted in the ancient scriptures - affect modern, practical life, and how to actively apply them.

His most recent book 'Where Nothing seems to be' presents unifying themes within The Upanishads, Tibetan and early Christian scriptures.

Kuhn's books are published in Europe, India and the USA.Parallel to his research he built up a computer company and a Europe-wide sales network for modern water-purification. For major corporations he developed and conducted courses for advanced management.2003 he started the innovative project of training students and teachers in the remote rural village of Nawagad, Maharashtra in professional, state-of-the-art computer operation, thus providing a far wider scope of life to a strata of young people with high intelligence, who so far had little chance of making use of their potential.Since 2013 Kuhn works as musician and composer. He lives in Greece, India, Germany and the USA.



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