Rev. & Dr. Ravi Kumar Stephan

Updated on: 07.01.2014


Swami Sthevananda



Swami Sthevananda is also known as Rev. & Dr. Ravikumar Stephen J. is founder of Sages of the New Covenant - He is 53 years old and his qualifications are M S W, M B A, M Phil (Peace Making), M Th (South Wales), PhD (Organizational Behavior), D C S (Church History). Profession: Peace Evangelist, Acharya (, Ordained Presbyter of the Anglican Church of USA (Diocese of Seattle) & Management Consultant ( ). Among the peace work he has done is ‘Track III Peace Initiative to Pakistan & Interfaith Dialogue.’ His vision is to have a confederation of the SAARC nations called: United States of South Asia (USSA); Current Projects: 1. "To us all towns are one, all men our kin", (preparing people for Vasudevakudumbakam / Kingdom of God) and 2. Abolition of Capital Punishment from the face of this Earth and actualize my dream of "Project Cain"



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