John Davis

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IVU Webmaster 1995 -
IVU International Council Member 1997 -
IVU Manager 2006 -

JD was a pioneer of vegetarianism on the internet from the first days of the world wide web in 1994. He maintained the first websites for VSUK, VIVA and EVU as well being involved with many others in the mid-90s. He built the first IVU website in November 1995. In 1997, at the Council meeting in Bussolengo, Italy, he was co-opted onto the IVU International Council, then in January 1999 at the World Congress in Chiang Mai, Thailand, he was elected as a council member. However, from January 1, 2000, he has been employed part-time as the IVU webmaster, and therefore resigned from the elected position - but has been co-opted onto all Council sessions in an advisory, non-voting, capacity.

In 2006 he was designated as IVU Manager, to include responsibility for members and supporters via the IVU Virtual Office, and the general planning and development of IVU. The last few years have seen some major reorganisations to enable IVU to maintain its leading role in world vegetarianism into the 21st century, including improvements in financial and business links. He is particularly proud to have had the opportunity to support the first vegetarian congresses ever to be held in Africa, thanks to funds raised by IVU, and to have been the first speaker at the first international veg event held in China.

List of Publications @ HN4U

World Veganism (17.10.2012)

World Veganism (17.10.2012)


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