Prof. Hemlata Talesra

Updated on: 29.07.2008



Prof. Hemlata Talesra is a distinguished and internationally well received expert in education, including teaching, writing, research and administration.
Her actual position is professor in education at JVBI Ladnun. Further she is managing all educational administration work and all kind of related formalities at JVBI.

She obtained her PhD degree in education from M.S. University, Vadodara (Baroda), one of the industrial and service centres in Gujarat. From there she started her academic career as reader in education. Then she moved to ‘Udaipur Institute of Advanced Education’ as professor and head of department. She participated actively in international, national and regional conferences organised by different agencies, as Commonwealth Foundation and Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM).

She has her many publications in the form of authoring, co-authoring and editing books on different important educational subjects. More than hundred papers by her have been published in international and national journals.

Scope and trends of her activities from 2000-2005:

  • CCEAM (Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration) fellowship in 2000.
  • Agenda for Education: Design and Direction, Hemlata Talesra & et. al., 2000
  • Educational Leadership, Hemlata Talesra, S. K. Dasgupta, 2001.
  • Conference hosted by the University of Cyprus and CEAS (Cyprus Educational Administration Society) on 5th-6th April 2002, mainly funded by the Commonwealth Foundation. Her lecture was ‘ Women in Educational Leadership’.
  • CCEAM Conference on ‘Exploring New Horizons in School Leadership for Democratic Schools’, September 23-25 2002, in Tonsalen, Sweden. First time that the conference was held in a country not belonging to the Commonwealth. Prof. Talesra participated in the development of the criteria how to realise democratic leadership, ‘Democratic leadership is the best method to use for democratic schools. The fact remains that how effective a leader is depends not only on himself but also on the group members’.
  • Challenges of Education, Technology-Trends-Globalisation, Hemlata Talesra, Maneesha Shukul, 2003.
  • Education for the Survival of Human Race, 3 Volumes, Nilima Bhagabati, Hemlata Talesra, 2003.
  • Sociological Foundations of Education, Hemlata Talesra, 2004.
  • Scope and Trends of Research on Teaching, Hemlata Talesra, 2004.
  • The Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM), Regional Conference Shanghai, Oct 26, 2004, conference speech by Hemlata Talesra on 'Status and Experience of Women in Educational Leadership' and lecture on ‘Educational Leadership in Pluralistic Societies’.
  • Start of the project ‘Teacher Training for Girls’ at JVBI Ladnun in July 2005.




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