Saman Siddh Pragya

Updated: 20.05.2015
Saman Siddha Pragya, समण सिद्ध प्रज्ञ


Born: Ujjain

Terapanth Info

Diksha: 12.12.1986


Language skills: English, Hindi, Gujrati, Russian

Traveled to: USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Greece, France, Spain, Australia, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Thailand, Belgium, Finland, Holland, Philippines and All over India.

Field Works: Universities, Colleges, Schools, Jails, Defence, Police Dept., Hospitals, UNO, UNESCO & Others.

Specialization: Indian Culture, Jainology, Physiology, Science of Living, Preksha Meditation, Anuvart, Yoga, Color Therapy, Naturopathy, Mudra, Acupressure, Avadhana, Laughing Therapy & Many more.


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  1. Avadhana
  2. Meditation
  3. Mudra
  4. Preksha
  5. Preksha Meditation
  6. Science
  7. Science Of Living
  8. Ujjain
  9. Yoga
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