Dr. Raksha J. Shah

Updated: 21.03.2016


71-B/1, Saraswati Road Adarsh Bldg. Santacruz (West)
400054 Mumbai India


Phone: 91-22-26490164, 91-22-26490378
Mobile: 91-9819102060
Fax: 91-22-26490164
E-Mail: shahraksha99[at]yahoo.com shahraksha99[at]hotmail.com


  • B.sc. ( University of Mumbai )
  • M.A. (University of Mumbai )
  • LL.B. ( University of Mumbai )
  • N.D. ( Naturopath )
  • Diploma in Jain Philosophy ( University of Mumbai - Gold-Medallist )
  • Currently doing research in Jaina Philosophy on PRATIKRAMANA.
  • Visiting Lecturer in Jain Philosophy at the University of Mumbai .
  • As a Jain Scholar have Presented Papers at The 4th Parliament of Worlds Religion –Spain –Barcelona in the year 2004 and at Local, National and International Seminars, Conferences and Conventions
  • Public Speaker:
    • Have conducted 8-day Lecture Circuit Tours worldwide.
      • Year: 2005 Location: Boston Jain Center, MA, USA
      • Year: 2006 Location: Long Island Jain Center, NY, USA
    • Delivered discourses at various Jaina Centres:
      • Queens – Ithaca, NY, USA
      • Long Island, NY, USA
      • Cherry-Hill,
      • Rochester, NY, USA
  • Editor of the leading Jain Newsletter ‘JAIN PRAKASH’
  • Spiritual Columnist: Write a column, every Tuesday in the special supplement ‘Metro’, under the heading ‘Shrutasya’ for the leading newspaper –‘Mumbai Samachar’ since three and a half years.
  • Free-Lance Anchor on Television and Radio
1] Written scripts for several educative science programmes for children- including a serial with 6 episodes .
2] Interviewed several doctors and advocates [ legal advisers] – bringing awareness in the general public.
  • Journalist, Script Writer, Translator
  • Naturopath
  • Awarded Best Jain Patrakar (Journalist) Award by Mumbai Jain Patrakar Sangha, for the - Year 2005
  • Awarded Journalist Award by Ekta Forum and Rashtranjali Weekly, for the Year 2004.
  • Shri  Mumbai Jain Patrakar Sangh Awards 2006-07
  • Administrator of Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi Scholarship -India Committee supported by ‘Jaina’ - (New York)
  • Member of WJC/JAINA - Shri Virchand Raghavaji Gandhi Memorial Samiti
  • Committee Member - Jainology Alumni Association - Mumbai University
  • Press and Publicity - The Jain Doctor’s Federation
  • Member of Editorial Board – Jain Doctor’s Federation.
  • Mutual-Co-existence and Interdependence-An Overview from the Jain Perspective: At The Monterrey Mexico Conference-2007
  • Discussed, debated on Topics like Euthanasia, Religion and Values and Supporting The Family at panels At The Monterrey Mexico Conference-2007
  • A Holistic Jaina Approach to Peace with Special Reference to the Role of Women: Presented at the 4th Council for The Parliament of World’s Religions – Spain, Barcelona in July 2004
  • Self-discipline, Peace and Spiritual Growth: Presented at the 4th Council for The Parliament of World’s Religions – Spain, Barcelona in July 2004
  • A Holistic Approach To Peace With Special Reference To Non-Violence And The Role Of Women: Presented at the International Conference for World Peace 2003 (Gujarat University)
  • Relevance Of Jain Principles In Naturopathy : Presentation made at ‘The Jain Doctor’s International Conference’- Koba - Ahmedabad in January 2004
  • Pratikramana - A Holistic Healer: Presented at the Jain doctors International Conference in January 2005
  • Presented two papers on ‘Women Empowerment’ and ‘Sallekhana’ ( Planned Death according to Jainism)at the Jaina Convention 2005 at Santa Clara - San Francisco in July 2005
  • Delivered discourses at various Jaina Centres in–New York- Ithaca, New York- Long Island, Cherry Hill, Rochester, and invited at the Boston Jain Center for Paryushana-2005
  • Invited as Moderator at the Youth Conference at Indore
  • Conducted Open Session At The University of Mumbai


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