Muni Ratna Prabha Vijaya

Updated on: 05.05.2011


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Diksha: V.S. 1992 (1935 CE)


Muni Ratna Prabha Vijaya, author of the eight-volume work Śramaṇa Bhagavān Mahāvῑra, was a disciple of Sāsan Samrāt Acarya Mahārāja Śrīmān Vijaya-Nemisūrῑśvaraji, who took diksha after a medical career and a further studies in China, Japan, Europe and North America.

Born in a rich family named Trikambhāi, brought up in affluence and having lived along with his wife and children throughout his life as a family member in the family of Śeṭh Mansukhbhāi and after his death in that of his brother Śeṭh Jamnābhāi, he made up his mind to renounce the world together with his wife. Before his diksha he practised for thirty-five years as a Medical Practitioner in Ahmedabad.



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