Claire Maes

Updated: 01.05.2011


Ghent Belgium


E-Mail: Claire.Maes[at]


Working at Ghent University as a Research Assistant of the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO):
Ghent Centre For Buddhist Studies, Belgium

The development of the Buddhist monastic structure and rules with a focus on the historical role of Jainism herein.
Sanskrit (BA1)


  • (Master's thesis) "The establishment of the community of nuns in Buddhism and Jainism, placed in a historical framework" (Dutch). A pdf version is available online here.
  • 2009 March 27, KANTL (Belgium: Dagen der Belgische Oriëntalisten -XLVIIste Sessie): Interaction between 'Buddhists' and 'Jains' in the Pāli Vinaya
  • 2010 April 20, KANTL (Belgium: Permanent Training in Buddhist Studies (PTBS), Ghent Centre for Buddhist Studies): Vroege boeddhisten en andere ascetische tradities in India
  • 2010 October 8-10, Mysore (India: Jainism through the Ages, a Historical Perspective): Jainism's unique classification of living beings in early scriptures and its influence on early Buddhism
  • 2010 0ctober 30 - November 1, AAR (Atlanta): How to Understand a Jain Infiltration in Buddhist Monastic Texts? A Critical Analysis of Buddhist Monastic Rules Laid Down to Protect One Sense Facultied Life (ekindriyaṃ jīvaṃ)


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