Sadhvi Mrigavati

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Born: 1926
Passed away: 1986


Diksha: 1938


Sadhvi Mrigavati Shri Ji Maharaj is one of the most renowned sadhvi in the Shwetambar murtipujak sect. She was an ardent follower of Shri Vijay Vallabh Suri. She was a terrific orator and a great social worker. After her diksha, she studied Jain Vyakaran, Kavya, Kosh, Alankar, Sanskrit Sahitya etc. She also did in-depth study of Jain agams and did comparative studies of Jainism, Buddhism and Vedic cultures in Ahmedabad. She got numerous temples, Upashrays, educational and medical institutions made and thousands of trusts, foundations. She had a very good knowledge of Prakrit language, Pali, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi and also of Urdu, Bengali, Marwari.

In 1952, she became the first sadhvi ever, who was allowed to read and narrate the Kalpasutra in the annual Paryushans. Earlier, this task was done only by the sadhus. In 1954, she addressed around 80,000 people in Pavapuri (Bihar) in the presence of former Prime Minister Gulzari Lal Nanda. In 1956, people were Ludhiana were so much inspired by her preachings, that people, cutting across the boundaries of religion, caste and creed came forward to donated lakhs of money for getting a High school made in Ludhiana. So much so, that women donated their jewellery for this cause. To her goes the credit for getting the doors of the ancient Adinath Jain Temple (Kangra, H.P.) thrown open for the public after 55 long years. This temple was under the control of the Himachal Pradesh government. She toiled very hard to get the Vijay Vallabh Samarak made in the sacred memory of her guru Shri Acharya Vijay Vallabh Suri. An English medium senior secondary school, affiliated to CBSE is successfully running in her name in the very premises of this Vijay Vallabh Samarak. With her untiring efforts, she made the ‘Bhagwan Mahavir 2500th Nirvaan Shatabdi’ event in Delhi a big success. With her inspiration and guidance, she got innumerable temples, upashrays, educational and medical institutions and residential colonies, hostels etc. made across the country. She was particularly inclined for the upliftment of the under-privileged and poor, especially among the Jains. For this, she also got many charitable trusts, funds and income schemes established. She is remembered as a highly learned saint and a great reformer and disciplinarian.

Birth name:


Place of birth:

Sardhar, Saurashtra (Near Rajkot, Gujarat)

Date of birth:

Chaitra Sudi 7, Vikram Samvat 1982 (4th April 1926 CE)

Father's name:

Doongarshi Bhai Sanghavi

Mothers's name:

Shivkunwar Behan Sanghavi


Paush Vadi 10, Vikram Samvat 1995 (1938 CE)

Diksha guru:

Sadhvi Sheelvati Shri Ji Maharaj


Aashar Sudi 12, Vikram Samvat 2042 (18th July, 1986 CE)

Place of Demise:

Shri Vijay Vallabh Samarak, GT Road, Delhi

Titles conferred:

Jain Bharti (1972), Mahetra (1979), Kangra Teerthodwarika (1979)



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