Dr. phil. Gabriele R. Helmer

Updated: 12.05.2014
Gabriele Helmer


Born: 21.12.1957, Altötting, Germany


  • Born 1957 in Altötting/Germany, Dr. Gabriele Rosalie Helmerstarted her study of Cultural Anthropology, Intercultural Communication and Science of Religion at the University Munich in 1998.
  • In 2001 she went to the University Leiden in the Netherlands, where she received her Master of Arts in 2003.
  • After this she moved to Antwerp/Belgium for four years. She was staying very close with the Jain Community Antwerp and collecting data for her PhD degree. She received her degree at the University Lucerne/Switzerland in December 2008.
  • Currently she is working as a publicist and university lecturer.

  • Jaina in Antwerpen, 2009, AVM, ISBN: 978-3-89975-906-8
  • Geschichten aus dem Jainismus, 2010, AVM, ISBN: 978-3-89975-369-1
  • Die Juden in Antwerpen, 2010, AVM, ISBN: 978-3-86306-651-2 , translated from Dutch into German
  • The Jains of Antwerp - An Overview, 2010, in: SVASTI: Essays in Honour of Prof. Hampa Nagarajaiah, by Nalini Balbir

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