Jinendra Varni

Updated on: 30.01.2011



Born: 1922 in Panipat, Haryana, India
Passed away: 24.05.1983


Kshullaka Jinendra Varni, (क्षुल्लक जिनेन्द्र वर्णी)

one of the best known Jain scholars of 20th century, is known for his pioneering five volume "Jainendra Siddhanta Kosha" and Saman Suttam compilation, the first text accepted by all Jain orders after 1800 years.

He was born in Panipat (Haryana) in 1922 in a prominent Jain Agrawal family. He struggled all his life with health problems. In 1938 he lost one lung due to tuberculosis. Still he studied electrical and wireless engineering. He left home in 1957 and during his wanderings he joined well-known Kshullaka Ganesh Varni, who ordained him a chhullaka.

Unable to follow the vratas of a kshullaka due to health problems, he returned to being just a brahmachari. In 1983, approaching death, he entered sallekhana on 12 April 1983 and was ordained again a kshullaka by Acharya Vidyasagar. He died in samādhi on 24 May.



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