Dr. Yagnaswami Sundara Rajan

Updated: 29.07.2008


Dr.Y.S.Rajan is the representative
Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, President Of India,
Surat Spiritual Declaration

Post-graduate in Physics & Electronics. Started the career in 1964 as a Research Scholar in the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, building cosmic ray balloon payloads. From 1966 to July 1988 held many important positions in the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) / Department of Space (DOS) such as Development Engineer (Microwave Payload), Systems Engineer (space communication and electronic systems), Director, Earth Observation Systems and Scientific Secretary, ISRO. Made extensive and crucial contributions to India’s First Satellite Project; Significant contributions to almost all elements of ISRO/DOS, e.g. SLV-3, Sounding Rockets, Indian Communication Satellite Programme, Remote Sensing, Industry Interface, etc. Was in MIT-LINCOLN Lab as a member study team to define geosynchronous satellite (NSAT (1976). Was in NASA as ISRO Engineer for three years with the Application Technology Satellite (ATS-F) Project (1970-73). With this experience played a key role in instituting HiRel/ Quality Assurance system for India’s first satellite project and other projects of ISRO. Also responsible for and effectively interfaced with a number of agencies outside ISRO in promoting National Natural Resources Management Systems (NNRMS) which led to many State Government and user Ministry Remote Sensing units. Expert in International relations. A key role in the evolution and approval of two decade profiles of ISRO/DOS (1980-90 and 1990-2000). Important roles in various international for a such as UN, COSPAR etc. and also the nodal point for South-South Cooperation. Elected Member of the International Astronautical Academy. Visited more than 30 countries in all five continents and led several Indian delegations to U.N. Wide ranging experience in administration, finance and personnel management. Has an extensive proven capability in organising major programmes, building teams and creating sustainable institutions with many examples in ISRO/DOS and outside ISRO.
Was during July 1988-August 1996, Advisor, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India looking after technology related matters. Also Executive Director, Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) from its foundation and made it a nationally and internationally known organization in a short period. TIFAC has made several contributions in technology forecasting and assessment as well as technology promotion through Home Grown Technology programme and major Mission mode projects on Sugar, Fly Ash Utilisation, Advanced Composites and through unique services for Patent & IPR facilitation throughout the country. A major role in technology management and industry institution linkages. A key role in energising linkages between technical education and emerging technologies.
Expert in environmentally sound technologies, satellite meteorology mapping systems and Intellectual Property Rights related matters. Have done special assignment for UN organizations like UNIDO, WIPO and UNEP. Actively involved in evolving policies and procedures relating to adopting IPR laws in India to the post WTO/TRIP situation and also in preparing the Indian Industry and institutions to master IPR issues.
Has a good knowledge of strategic areas and security issues including dual-use technologies.
In view of his wide experience in the financial, administrative policy and programme management of S&T institutions, was member/Chairman of a number of inter-departmental committees, the recent one being Chairman of inter-departmental Committee to suggest measures to make scientific and technological career more attractive for the consideration of the Fifth Central Pay Commission (1996).
Was a Member of a high level committee for evolving Ethical Guidelines on Biomedical Research involving human subjects, set up by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) (1996-2000).
Played an important role in completing a major exercise for Technology Vision for India up to 2020, organised by TIFAC and led by many industry leaders, technologists and administrators. Twenty-five documents dedicated to the nation by the Prime Minister on August 2, 1996.
Was Senior Adviser (Technology), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) from September 1996 to March 11, 2000. The major thrust of his work was to make technology as a movement with the Indian Industry. The job covered various facets of facilitating the industry: technology information; technology acquisition; technology transfer; joint R&D projects; related issues like IPR, Trade Technology Standard linkages; WTO/TRIPS etc. He established a strong Technology Division. Established a few lasting mechanisms e.g. Andhra Pradesh Technology Development Centre, CII-TDB Technology Transfer Network.
From 11th March, 2000 to 16th Oct’02 he was Scientific Secretary to the Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India (This is a Secretary to Govt. of India level post). Was Member-Secretary of Scientific Advisory Committee to the Cabinet (SAC-C), Convenor of Consultative Group of Eminent Senior Scientists (CGESS) & Member Secretary, Consultative Group of Govt. Departments/Agencies on Science and Technology (CGDAST), constituted by Govt. of India.
Demitted the office of Executive Director, Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council on November 01, 2002.
Scientific Adviser to Chief Minister of Punjab (In the rank of Minister of state) October 2002-March 2004 and also as Vice-chancellor and Chairman, Board of Governors, Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar (Oct 2002-Feb 2004)
Presently Principal Adviser, CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) Since April 2004
Elected Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering, the apex Engineering Academy of the country since January 1, 1998.
Was also a Member of the ‘National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Development constituted under the authority of the office of the Prime Minister during the years 1998-1999.
Was a Member of the high level National Coordination Committee on Education, Industry and Research constituted under the Chairmanship of Minister of Human Resource Development.
Chairman, Board of Directors, National Research Development Corporation (NRDC)
Honorary Distinguished Fellow of the Centre for International Trade and Security, The University of Georgia
Honorary Distinguished Fellow of Manipal University of Higher Education
Member of Space Law Committee of International Law Association
Awarded ‘Punjab Ratan-2003’ by All India Conference of Intellectuals.
Member of General Assembly of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations
Member in many other prestigious bodies, Councils of Institutions

Source: http://www.tifac.org.in/abt/rajan_lettpart.htm


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