Kolkata - Paryushan Celebrations 2007 - Day 4 - Vani Sanyam Diwas

Published: 16.09.2007
Updated: 02.07.2015

Sadhvi Nirvan Shree


Sadhvi Yogkshem Prabha ji Sadhvi Lavinya Prabha ji Sadhvi Kundan Yasha ji Sadhvi Mudit Prabha ji

Paryushan 2007 Celebrations

Day 4
Vani Sanyam Diwas
(Speech Restraint Day)


Elements of violence in one’s mind results in quarrelling exploitation & jealousy which adds to the sorrow & chaos in ones life. People quarrel at home, in society, in the nation with each other, due to non-application of restraint on language (Bhasha, Vaani). Bhasha (language) is one of the most important components of peaceful co-existence.


Sadhvi Nirvanshree

On the occasion of the fourth days of paryushan mahaparva celebrated as VAANI (SPEECH) SANYAM DIWAS, addressing the gathering of thousands of shrawaks and shravikas Sadhwi Shree NIRVANSHREEJI said – “Man has always cherished the dream of attaining the state of arogya (health), bothi (enlightment) & Samadhi (bliss). Speech, the blissful gifted mode for expressions, is internally connected with these. Kabir, the great Sufi saint once said, “Aisi Vaani Boliye Maan ka Aapa Khoy, Auro Ko Sital Kare Aap Nirmal Hoye”, that is our speech should be so soothing that it leaves a magnetic effect over others as well as on ourselves too.”


As Sadhavi Dr. Yogkshem Prabhaji addressing the residents of Kolkata on the occasion of Vaani- Sanyam Diwas said “Speaking is also an art, which only some can excel and which if developed adds value to ones personality. The emotions influence the language to a great extent. Vibrations of sound are linked to our health. Language/Speaking has both its uses and abuses. One can solve a great problem using balanced language with controlled emotions, where as others can create a problem with its abuse. Mauna (being speechless) is one remedy to solve all problems. One can preserve vital energy by using balanced speech and speaking only when necessary. Mauna brata (austerity to keep mum) should be practices mentally as well as physically. Some one may keep mum but his mind may speak much to cause more damage to others. So it is preached that do not speak when not necessary, speak little and calculated words to be effective. One must also restraint one self from telling lie. One, who speaks truth, is generally found to be honest. Such people get honour from society too.

In the evening a ‘talent hunts Antakshari’ was organized by North Howrah Sabha, where in hundreds of participants presented themselves with spiritual songs and poems.


Sadhvi Muditprabha



Huge Gathering Of Kolkata Layperson



Mumukshu Sister Among Ladies Audience



Terapanth Bhavan, 9a, Anuvarat Sarini, Kolkata. phone no.033/24768878

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Sushil Bafana, HereNow4U Correspondent, Kolkata & Sushil Choraria, Kolkata

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