Bhaktamar Stotra - Sloka 24

Posted: 06.10.2006
Updated on: 20.08.2009

Sloka # 24

O Lord! [Viewing you in different perspectives] the sages address you as: Amaranthine (in existence), All pervading (in knowledge), Unfathomable (in perception), Infinite (in virtues), Progenitor (of philosophy), Perpetually blissful (in state), Majestic (in spiritual glory), Eternal (in purity), Serene (with respect to sensuality), Lord of ascetics (in meditation), Preceptor of Yoga (in the yoga philosophy), Multidimensional (in perspective), Unique (in identity), Omniscient (in form) and Pure (free from all vices).




Glossary and English Translations © 2006 by Samani Pratibha Pragya and Samani Punya Pragya

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