Posted: 06.10.2005
By Editor Carla Geerdes
Each of the evening sessions at Sayer Centre was a highlight in itself. The atmosphere was full of both, spiritual awareness and collective effort to get in close contact with Atma. Even though the gatherings consisted up to 250 people, one felt at home in the group. This was grace to the Samanijis; they made every attendant feel a part of the whole. With full concentration and self-awareness, they motivated the...
Posted: 20.09.2005
By Pramoda Chitrabhanu
Paryushan is the festival of the soul, of Atma; by fasting or other restraints we come closer to Atma and to what we really are. The essence of this festival is forgiveness. Forgiveness can cure resentment, hatred, enmity; they all are dissolved through forgiveness, and we are free. Whatever had been done to us, we are carrying with us wherever we go, up to the moment we forgive. As long as we do not grant...
Posted: 10.09.2005
On this auspicious occasion of we wish you all Michami Dukkadam!We ask forgiveness for any harm we may have caused you, by thoughts, words or actions, knowingly or unknowingly.
Posted: 09.09.2005
The audience was listening to pravachan of Sadhvi Kanchan Prabhaji and Sadhvi Manjurekhaji who spoke on life of Lord Mahavira in detail, about Mahavir's child days, his diksha , and his sadhana and how he attained kevalya gyan and then gave his message to humanity.
Posted: 07.09.2005
By Editor Carla Geerdes
Then Samani Pratibha Pragya was starting her evening lectures, given in English language, with recitation of Bhavana. Her subjects covered a broad field, as from ‘Why eight days of Paryushan' to ‘Self-empowerment'. She drew a mental line from the eight types of Karma to the possibilities of dissolving them by spiritual efforts. ...the whole audience highly enjoyed this wonderful spiritual evening program...
Posted: 07.09.2005
By Editor Carla Geerdes
Paryushan lectures of Samanijis are started and completed with recitations of prayers and auspicious mantras. Recitation of Namokar Mahamantra is done with great devotion, and people are enjoying its in-group recitation under the guidance of Samanijis Pratibha & Punya Pragya. “This gives me a lot of energy, and helps me to focus my concentration on the self, so I can realise the festival of Paryushan...
Posted: 30.08.2005
Some Changes in the Evening Programme September 1st - 8th Evening Programme at Sayer Centre with Religious Discourses & Stavan
Posted: 23.08.2005
Evening Programme September 1st - 8th Evening Programme at Sayer Centre with Religious Discourses & Stavan
Posted: 22.08.2005
Day Programme September 1st - 8th at Navnat Bhavan with Religious Discourses & Stavan

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