Editorial 2007-43

Published: 26.10.2007
Updated: 02.07.2015


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Berlin Ladnun

29.10.2007 30.10.2007
leaving for
----------------------- Udaipur -----------------------


  • We probably will not be able to run the magazine from Udaipur.
  • So, like the years before, there are 6 weeks the magazine stops.
  • Restart of here|now|4u might come with a surprise middle of December.


  • New Chancellor of JVB University Ladnun: Mr. Lalchand Singhi


  • Karuna's German Language Course in Ladnun is running excellent. Still 45 participants - some fluctuations due to assigned duties among the participants. Thinking starts how to continue the course in the future.
  • 2 last reports arrived. 1 already online. Karuna will give a resume after our return to Berlin in December.


Peace and Spirituality: September 25-29

Peace and religion in different world regions, intercultural negotiation and conflict resolutions, the role of NGOs in achieving peace, as well as hydropolitics, are some of the central themes that will be explored during the week. Also, this dialogue will talk about the discovery of the other, of the environment and of cultural diversity as essential for reaching peace in the day to day lives of the community, the family, and the individual.

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Gallery of Vision: The Knot In Space & Time

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