Highlights Of Paryushan 2005 @ JVB London

Published: 06.10.2005
Updated: 15.02.2008

Each of the evening sessions at Sayer Centre was a highlight in itself. The atmosphere was full of both, spiritual awareness and collective effort to get in close contact with Atma. Even though the gatherings consisted up to 250 people, one felt at home in the group. This was grace to the Samanijis; they made every attendant feel a part of the whole. With full concentration and self-awareness, they motivated the participants to follow the own path to inner reality, and to ask for being forgiven and to grant forgiveness. Many participants were very touched by this experience, and declared that Paryushan is different for them, since the Samanijis are staying at JVB London for the whole year, and not only for Paryushan. All members of the London Jain community are receiving the benefits of their tireless efforts for spiritual upliftment of the whole community, regardless which direction of Jainism they are following. The Samanijis Pratibha & Punya Pragya are highly estimated by all for their open-mindedness and readiness to serve everyone approaching them.

Samani Punya Pragya (right) and Nina Choraria from the Cultural Committee of JVB London's Women's Wing recited the one hour Pratikraman during Paryushan every evening in an amazing speed. They seemed to have taken breath for one hour in advance.
Nina has got interest in reciting Pratikraman from sheet after having completed her first Prakrit summer course at JVB London, two years ago. Last year, she had decided to learn it by heart for Paryushan. Since then, she is practising Pratikraman regularly once a week for improving memory power and concentration. She said that she feels a better person than before after every recitation.

Pratikraman was followed by special lectures or presentations. These musicians made the collective recitation of prayers and Mantras very special. Singers Kaushik Kah Khajuria (second right) and Anurata (right) had combined the well known words with easy to follow tunes; pop singer Sina's (middle)melodious voice made it a pleasure to listen to her song 'I Believe'. These vibrations all together facilitated easy access to inner space.

Dr. Atul Shah drived the audience's attention in his lecture to the fact, that young Jains are following very often ethical codes of Jainism in their daily life, without following any other special Jain rules. He put the question, if the following of the ethical code is the most important, "Sometimes, young people are approaching me and doubt, if they were real Jains. Although born into a Jain family, they often doubt of being true Jains, for they don't follow the tradition in the way their parents or other relatives do. But looking at their lifestyle, one can observe, that they are followoing the ethical teachings in their day-to-day life. I ask myself, if we do better to encourage them, that lifestyle is the most important. We should try to give practical answers to those questions in these changed times of ours. I leave up this question to everyone of you." Further he gave some historical overview on the high estimation Jain administrators and accountants have always enjoyed in responsible positions, and on their talents in handling wordly affairs, without neglecting their spiritual heritage.

Singer Saggar Malde enchanted the audience with his melodious interpretations of Mantras, prayers, and Bhavanas during one evening session. He accompanied himself only with rhythm sticks or clapping of his hands. His bars were voluntarily followed by the attendants. Everyone admired his voice and his ability to produce wonderful results with modest instruments.

All people, who are rising their hands (about every second person) had done one or the other vow to follow for one year at Paryushan 2005. The Samanijis Pratibha (seen first left with her back) & Punya Pragya (right) had encouraged people some days ago to take a vow, no matter how small, with resolve.

The numerous audience was attracted by the Paryushan program and the creative inspirations of the Samanijis, many were inspired, some left deeply thoughtful after the sessions, and others just enjoyed to live their spirituality individually and free as a tree, but brotherly as a wood.


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