JVB London - 24 Hours Jap Programme

Published: 25.02.2006
Updated: 15.02.2008

On 12th February 2006, a 24 hours Jap programme was performed at JVB London. All Sunday long, Samanijis Pratibha & Punya Pragya were continuously chanting Mantras. Whoever felt to join them, was free to do so according to his schedule.

The Samanijis had prepared sheets containing the words of the Mantras they chanted, so people could participate in the chanting properly. Alltogether about 200 people participated.

After the very successful release of JVB London's Mantra calendar 2006 last autumn, people repeatedly had asked the Samanijis to teach proper spelling and chanting of the Mantras. On the background of workshops, the awareness for the relevance of mantra chanting was increasing among the participants, and people experienced peace of mind and inner harmony. The project was part of a long-term activity over nearly one year, starting with some weekend workshops, where among others details on the utility of Mantra chanting in daily life were provided, and was meeting in the release of the calendar.

The participants were happy for the opportunity to come together for such a sacred and useful event. Many of them are determined to integrate the chanting into their daily routine, as they immediately felt the benefit of it. This is another occasion where H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna's saying was prooved, "True religion helps people to live a better life".


JVB London
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