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Published: 24.03.2004
Updated: 02.07.2015

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  • All sites are invited to send us their links and descriptions in their own words and knowledge - news & corrections as well.
  • New listed sites are marked for your attention

Jainism Sites

Centre Of Jaina Studies [SOAS - University Of London]

The?aim of the Centre of Jaina Studies (CJS) is to promote the study of Jaina religion and culture by providing an interdisciplinary platform for academic research, teaching and publication in the field of Jaina Studies.

The Centre promotes the following activities:

  • Research projects in Jaina Studies
  • Dissemination of new research through the Centre's publications and website
  • Academic conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia and exhibitions.
  • Public lectures in Jaina Studies by leading scholars.
  • Academic exchange programmes.
  • Courses on Jainism, and postgraduate research in Jaina Studies at SOAS.
  • Expanding the resources relating to Jaina Studies in the SOAS Library
  • Establishing links with individuals and institutions with an academic interest in Jaina Studies

Colorado State University Jain Principles, Tradition and Practices

  • Jainism: Introduction
  • Vegetarianism & Ahimsa
  • Jain Pilgrimage
  • Jainism in the Eyes of Others
  • Regional Organizations, Directories & Lists, Jain Texts, Jain Images, Jain History - An Outline, Slides

Harvard Jainism Literature Center


The core concept of Jainism, Non-Violence.


Selected brief writings covering topics of interest.


Collection of complete texts by Jain scholars from around the globe.


Learn more about the religion.


Experience the fundamental rituals of Jainism.

Workshop Materials

Pathshala teacher's workshop presentations and reading materials

Youth Stories

Classic Jain stories

Youth Education

Tools for teaching youth about Jainism

Essays by Youths

Essays written by Jain youths from around the country

Questions and Answers

Answers to common questions about Jainism

Jainism Quotes

Notable quotes of compassion and non-violence.

Comparative Religions

Learn about the world's religions.

Jain Heritage Centres

  • This website has been launched with an intension of giving information about the different Jain pilgrimage places in India and to cover as many places as possible, so as to give the visitors a complete first hand information.
  • History, Tirthankaras, Jain Ascetics, Jain Temples, Jain Festivals, Jaina Art, Jainism & Philately, Chaturmas Directory 2003, Chaturmas Directory 2002, Articles
  • Jainism In India & Abroad. [Ahimsa Foundation]

  • Ahimsa Times, monthly online magazine, brings to you the latest information about events occurring in Jain Community all over the world.
  • Channels: Saints, Photo Gallery, Jain Business Directory, Celebrities, Institutions, Literature, For Children,Vegetarian Food, Festivals
  • Insight: Matrimonials, E-Yahoo Group, E-Greetings, E-Shopping, Other Jain Sites, Other Religions, Discussion, FAQ, Blessings, Promoters, Dedication, Appeal.

JainSpirit publication ended 2006

  • Online presence of Jain Spirit, an international printed magazine founded to share Jain values globally
  • Read interesting Jainism-related articles from previous issues of Jain Spirit
  • Browse book reviews
  • Laugh at the cartoons from past issues of Jain Spirit
  • Find out a little more about Jainism and the Jain Spirit magazine in the F.A.Q. section.


Jainism Resource Center

  • Integrativly presenting all aspects of Jainism.
  • Project 24 L - making Jain informations available in 24 Languages of our planet earth according to the number of the 24 Tirthankaras presenting the fundamentals of Jainism.
  • Valuable informations for encounters with Jainism or Jain people in theory and practical experience.
  • President Vinod Daryapurkar and his team succeeded in managing and presenting the streams of informations.


  • Nepal's first website which is trying to give full information, data & activity about Jain Dharma. Which is followed by the streams Digamber & Swetambar within Nepal.
  • Detailed Links to other Jainism sites


Young Jains UK

  • Events Books & CDs Reviews Recipes
  • Articles Prayers Hot Links Membership Crisis?
  • Charity work Students Inspiration Glossary

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Svetambar Terapanth Sites

Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra [ website:]

  • Breathing Problem Reversal Camps
  • Preksha Meditation Camps
  • Depression & Stress Management Camps
  • Heart Disease, Diabetes & High B. P. Reversal Programme
  • Daily on-going meditation & yoga classes

Highly recommended for newcomers to India as an entry to the beautiful world of Meditation & Yoga.
Swami Dharmanandji is the director of the Kendra and a genious guide for your spiritual journey.
The hospitality we found is unforgettable. Thank you Guruji!

  • The site was recently inaugurated on 27th January, 2004 in the auspicious presence of Acharya Shri Mahapragya. The website is a long term planning. It is just start up and may take years together to complete.
  • The object is to publish all the famous books and Aagams of Jain Religion on the site. Initially books written by Acharya Shri Mahapragya are being published. The books can be studied online by registered users. Download version of books will be available once the number of members crosses 1000
  • The books will be published in English, Hindi and Gujarati initially and there is plan to publish books in other regional and international languages in due course. There is also planning of online magazines of Jain religion including the terapanth sect.
  • A feature Solve your problems will be started shortly where one can put his physical, mental or emotional problems, personal as well as family problems. The name will be kept secret and reply will be given by team of experts including saints and nuns.
  • In-charge: S M Jain, C A, Surat and his team. Technical consultant: Sudhanshu Jain, Mumbai

Jain Vishva Bharati Institute - Ladnun - Rajastan /India

JVBI - Deemed University in Ladnun, Rajasthan, India, founded by Acharya Tulsi.

Jain Vishva Bharati Of North America Iselin - NJ / USA

  • Preksha Meditation Center - Regular Preksha Meditation & Yoga Sessions, Workshops, Camps, Seminar and Weekend Programs on Jainism, Vegetarianism, Non Violence and other Jain values.
  • Sponsoring "6 months long visits" of a group of 2 Samanijis
  • Organizing Paryushan, Das Laxan etc....
  • Inviting Jain Sadhus, Sadhvis, Samans, Samanis and various scholars in their programs.

Jain Vishva Bharati - Houston - USA

  • With the blessings of Acharya Maha Pragyaji, JVB Preksha Meditation Centre, Houston started on 11th of December 1999. Under the current guidance of Samani Akshaya Pragya and Samani Sanmati Pragya we intend to achieve the mission of Gurudev Shri Tulsi and Acharya Maha Pragya.
  • Activities of Jain Vishwa Bharati:
    • Jainological studies amongst all communities guided by Samanijis.
    • Organize seminars, training programs, workshops, and camp on Preksha Meditation, Yoga, Nonviolence, and Anuvrat.
    • Conduct Pathsala, for young Jains about Jain religion, human values, Indian Culture and languages of India.
    • Provide alternative therapies for physical, mental and emotional well being. A better way of living out busy life.
    • Publish a quarterly newsletter containing news around the world relating to Jainism.
    • Organize the distribution of Jain books, audio cassettes, videos etc. to further Jain studies.
    • Arrange and coordinate scholars exchange program within different universities, educational institutions and Jain Vishwa Bharati.
    • Arrange and coordinate tours of Samans and Samanijis as needed by other Jain centers across America.
    • Classes for Preksha Yoga & Meditation. Conducted by Samaniji (Jain Teachers)
  • The Center organises Preksha Meditation Camp, Women Health Camp, Youth Camp, and celebrates Jain Festivals from time to time.
  • Also provides counseling for Personal Problems.

Jain Vishva Bharati - Orlando / USA

  • The main goal of Jain Vishwa Bharti USA is to teach Jain studies and human life science enhancement activities to all Jains here in America where most of us look for a spiritual uplift and think about Jainism for our coming generations.
  • To provide our young children a basis of Jainism as Bhagwan Shri Mahavira taught us.
  • To practice Jainism at the Jain Vishwa Bharti Center, as well as meditation, yoga
    and other religious activities which we all look forward to progress on.
  • To have a Deharasar for prayers, center will function as an Upashraya for all Jains.
  • All around the year, Samanijis will reside at Jain Vishwa Bharti Center to provide guidance to all Jains visiting the center.

Samanijis present in 2004:

  • Preksha Meditation,
  • The Founder, Online Meditation, Contemplation, Yoga & Asana, Therapy,
  • Literature, Spiritual Discourses, Centres, Preksha Camps, Experience, Gallery

  • Master of Universe: The 24 Tirtankaras
  • Lord Mahavir and Jain Religion
  • Terapanth History
  • Terapanth Acharyas, Acharya Tulsee, Acharya Bikshu, Acharya Mahaprgya
  • Mahashrman Mudit, Sadhvi Parmukha Kanakprbhajee, Mahatapswani Pannajee
  • many more, some pages are under construction....

  • Mahaprajna Pravas - Activities: Current Pravas Place, Programs, Chaturmas, News Room, Management, Acharya's Expressions, Picture Gallery
  • Terapanth in Mumbai: Organizations, Sponsors, Social Workers, Directory, Terapanth Places, List your names,
  • About Mumbai: About Mumbai, Mumbai Map, Terapanth History, History, Community
  • Help: Travel Help, Food Services, Accomodation, Request for Stay, Complain Lodging
  • New: Collection on literature, articles, stories....

  • Provides you the information about the latest activities in Terapanth
  • Manglik, Pravachans, Vigyapti, Jainism, Terapanth, Anuvrat, Jeevan Vigyan, Preksha Meditation, Jain Gyanshala, Children Corner, Art Gallery, Picture Gallery, Literature, Online Shop, Songs, Terapanth Club, Online Mantra, Jigyasa, Other Related, Akhil BharatyaTerapanth, Mahila Mandal, JalgaonPravas (Chaturmas Announcements), Send E-vandana to Acharyashree, Online Mantras, Today's Thought by Acharya Mahapragya, FAQ, Ahimsa Yatra, Download Wallpapers, Test your Knowledge about Terapanth, Terapanth Samaj, Business, Jobs, Matrimonial, Terapanth Calender, Acharyashree's Sandesh, Yuvacharya's Sandesh


  • Official Site of Terapanth Religion in Mumbai Metro City.
  • Developed during Acharya Mahapragya's Mumbai Visit in 2003 during the course of Ahinsa Yatra.
  • Local information of terapanth Bhavans(centres) and activities, details of Terapanthi Sabha, Teyup executives etc is available
  • Complete Database of All Terapanth families residing in Mumbai with detailed information (nearly 13000 people) available with search facility.
  • In-Charge: Ramesh Jain and his team succeeded in managing and presenting the streams of information during Maryada Mahotsav 2003.


  • Maryada Mahotsav 2004: Full Coverage
  • Jalgaon Info
  • Chaturmas Announcements
  • Ahimsa Yatra: Jalgaon to Indore route, Schedule
  • Photo Gallery
  • Press Notes
  • Contact Information


  • Official site of of Acharya Shri Mahapragyas Surat Chaturmas(2003). Developed during Surat Chaturmas in 2003
  • Information of history of the city, history of Terapanth, Terapanth Bhavan (Centres), executives of Terapanthi Sabha, Teyup, Mahilamandal and religious activities like Anuvrat, preksha dhyan, Jivan Vigyan, tapasya is available at the site.
  • Latest important Terapanth news is made available.
  • Pragyaprashna Mala (Quiz) is the most attractive feature with more than 250 participants. The winners are honoured in the auspicious presence of His Holiness Acharya Shri Mahapragya. Language used for quiz is Hindi.
  • According to nadstat basic, a third party counter, this site is the highest hit site amongst the spiritual and religious sites in the country.
  • In-charge: S M Jain, C A, Surat and his team. Technical consultant: Sudhanshu Jain, Mumbai

Discussion Groups:

Jaintherapanth Group

Yahoo group.
You need a Yahoo ID to register to this group: jainterapanth-subscribe[at]
Registration procedure is very easy.
Language: English

This Jainterapanth group has a growing number of members (>500 in 01/2004), webcasting on all relevant subjects.
The climate is due to Jainism respectful, open minded and inspiring.
Questions of new members are really welcome.

Our Yahoo?IDs for your instant messages or e-mails

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  82. Preksha Meditation Camps
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