19.10.2019 ►Indore ►3 days Preksha Meditation workshop

Published: 21.10.2019

Indore: 19.10.2019

3 days Preksha Meditation workshop was organised in Indore during 17-19 October 2020, with joint efforts from Jain Shwetambar Terapanthi Sabha, Preksha Foundation, Mahila Mandal, Yuvak Parishad & TPF at Terapanth Bhavan, New Palasiya, in the auspicious presence of Shashan Shri Sadhvi Satyavati, under the direction of Senior Preksha Trainer Sh. Rajendra Modi.

Sadhvi Satyavatiji said that ' Enlightenment through self knowledge is the best. To get more focus in meditation one should practice discipline of food. Positive changes will be felt in body and mind through meditation. Sadhvi Shashiprabha gave instructions of Mahaprana sound, Deep Breathing and four stages of Preksha Meditation. Shri Rajendra Modi emphasized the importance of Pranayam & Yoga in today's life. All queries of participants were resolved by him. Workshop was successful with the efforts of Manish Kathotiya, Gopilalji Samota, Dilip Duggad and Nitin Chaudhary.

Senior Preksha Trainer Sh. Rajendra Modi

Sadhvi Shree Satyavati and group

Preksha Foundation
Edited by Amit Kumar Jain
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