13.10.2019 ►Ahmedabad ►3 days Preksha Meditation workshop

Published: 14.10.2019

Ahmedabad: 13.10.2019

A three day Preksha Dhyan workshop was organised by Jain shwetambar terapanthi Sabha and Preksha Foundation at Ahmedabad under the auspicious presence of Sadhvi Shri Ratan Shri Ji and Sadhvi Shri Himshri Ji from 11 - 13 October 2019. Sadhvi Shri Ratan Shri Ji in her propitious speech explained that Preksha Dhyan is the style of Living. she said meditation is the only way to remove all the obstacles to change your habits and thinking processes. Meditation is the path to attain salvation and lead a pure life.

The workshop begin with Preksha song by Sadhvi Shri Himshri Ji and Chaitanya Shri ji at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. Preksha dhyan Trainer from Surat Mahendraji Surana helped the participant to do yogic Kriya, Aasan, and different practical experiment of Preksha meditation. Sadhvi Himshree explain the spiritual, mental and physical benefits of Preksha meditation in this three day workshop. Sadhvi Shri Ratan Shree, Himshri ji, Muktiyashaji Chaitanyashaji and Moksh prabhaji explain their views on benefits of Preksha meditation. All eminent personalities of Terapanth Sabha and gyanshala and others gave their Full support to make the workshop successful. Many eminent personalities shared their experience of Preksha Meditationand showed their willingness to become Preksha Dhayan Trainers. As an organiser of Preksha dhyan Workshop Mr Suresh ji Hiralal ji gave his full support to make the workshop successful.

Mr. Arvind Sancheti, President Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun giving detail on preksha meditation and Preksha Trainer Mr. Manoj Surana took various classes

Preksha Foundation
Edited by Amit Kumar Jain
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