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Posted: 23.05.2019

Post canonical literature mentions five causes of bondage. First time, Acharya Umaswati stated the five causes viz. perversity, absence of self restraint, remissness, passions and activity[1] The antecedent Acharyas followed him. But karma śāstra mentions four causes of bondage. Remissness has not been mentioned there.[2] a stated, remissness as the cause of miseries.[3] Karmas are nothing but a form of misery itself. When remissness is given prominence in karmic bondage, then, it is considered separately from the list of causes. When it is not given importance, then, remissness has not been mentioned separately in the list of causes.

Generally, out of the eight kinds of karmas deluding and body determining karmas are held responsible for the karmic bondage, but Prajñāpanā illustrates  that  the  knowledge-obscuring  karma and intuition obscuring karma as the causes of karmic bondage.

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