24.04.2018 ►Visakhapatnam ►Ayambil Tap Practised on Occasion of Birthday of Acharya Mahashraman

Published: 27.04.2018

Visakhapatnam: 24.04.2018

Birthday of Acharya Mahashraman was celebrated by ABTMM by practicing Ayambil Tap. In start Mahashraman Ashtakam was chanted. ABTMM president Kumud Kachhara, general secretary Neelam Sethia, Trustee Suraj Bararia, Prabha Dugar, Shashi Nahar, Suman Lunia were present to encourage local Mahila Mandal. 270 people participated in collective Ayambil Tap. Wheat, Rice, Gram were used among one item to dine once in day and without salt. No other food item was taken.

Gyanshala Children

Mahila Mandal

Sadhvi group

Kumud Kachhara, Neelam Sethia,Suman Lunia and Visakhapatnam Mahila Mandal Team

SS Hindi Report

SS Hindi Report

Edited by Rajshree Pugalia
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