26.03.2018 ►Ladnun ►Fifth Jain Scholar Workshop

Published: 22.04.2018

Ladnun: 26.03.2018

All India Terapanth Mahila Mandal organised fifth Jain Scholar Workshop. Muni Swastik Kumar chanted Mangal Path in start of workshop. 13 participants took part from Surat, Mumbai, Ankaleshwar, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and other parts of the country. Acharya Tulsi and Acharya Mahapragya saw dream to prepare Jain Schilars. ABTMM appointed Dr Manju Nahata director of this project and Kanak Barmecha as deputy director. Dr Manju Nahata in her opening speech expressed gratitude towards Acharya Mahashraman and told we are fulfilling dream of our Acharya. Kalpana Baid, Kumud Kachhara and Pushpa Baid were in charge of project.

During workshop Dr Samani Sangit Pragya taught Prakrit. Dr Samani Bhaskar Pragya taught Sanskrit, Dr Manju Nahata taught Karmgranth, Sushma Anchalia taught Sanskrit Grammer, Dr Veerbala Chhajed taught Indian Philosophy. Ranjana Gothu taught Jain Geography. Dr Premlata Choraria taught Praman Mimansa to Mumukshu sisters. Jain Scholar senior group took new research work to prepare Sangya Kosh and Junior batch took to explain justification of Bhakatamar Stotra on basis of Sanskrit Grammer. Workshop ended in presence of Sadhvi Sanyamlata.

Dr Manju Nahata

Manukshu Sister and Jain Schilars

Senior Jain Scholar Group

Participants of Jain Scholars

Hindi Report

Sushil Bafana
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