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2017/18 Ahimsa Yatra of Acharya Mahashraman


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Today 154th Maryada Mahotsava propitiously began in the holy feet of His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman. His Holiness blessed Sadhus and Sadhvis with the ordinance of their next year incumbents at Seva Kendra.
His Holiness explained - Some centres of service are made regarding service in our Dharm Sangh, unfit Sadhus and Sadhvis are kept there. Group or people are provisioned there according to status quo.
The oldest Seva Kendra among our Seva Kendra is Ladnun Seva Kendra. Jain Vishvabharti Association and Jain Vishvabharti University are there. That Sadhvi's Seva Kendra. Group of Sadhvi Sanyam Lata will take responsibility of serving Ladnun Seva Kendra for this coming year.
The second Seva Kendra is Gangashahar. The place of Gurudev Tulsi's Mahaprayan (departure for heaven). Naitikta ka Shaktipeeth (stronghold of morality), Acharya Tulsi Shanti Pratishthan is there. Groups of Sadhvi Madhu Rekha and Sadhvi Vishad Pragya both jointly will take responsibility of serving Sadhvi Seva Kendra of Gangashahar for this coming year.
Our third center is known as Samadhi Kendra, Bidasar. This is the birth place of Acharya Magharaj. Bidasar is always being blessed by the Acharyas like the first child. Groups of Sadhvi Shubh Prabha and Sadhvi Sampurna Yasha both jointly will take responsibility of serving Samadhi Kendra, Bidasar for this coming year.
Fourth Seva Kendra of Sadhvis is Sri Dungargarh. This is a great devoted place. His Holiness shared a memory - "I have visited Gurudev Tulsi for adoration for the first time after Diksha at Sri Dungargarh."
Groups of Sadhvi Som Yasha and Sadhvi Prasanna Yasha both jointly will take responsibility of Sadhvi Seva Kendra, Sri Dungargarh for this coming year.
Fifth Seva Kendra is Rajaldesar. Acharya Mahapragya designated as Yuvacharya at this place. Group of Sadhvi Sangh Prabha will take responsibility of serving Sadhvi Seva Kendra, Rajaldesar for this coming year.
Our two Seva Kendra are for Sadhus. The oldest Sadhu Seva Kendra is Chhapar. His Holiness explained one old ordinance of blessing Chhapar with the Chaturmas as far as possible. When the Chaturmas will be done in Thali (a region of Rajasthan) then Chhapar will be blessed with the first Chaturmas. This time group of Muni Tatva Ruchi is serving Sadhu Seva Kendra, Chhapar. This responsibility will be repeated for the coming year.
The second Seva Kendra of Sadhus is Jain Vishvabharti, Ladnun. Jain Vishvabharti is an association and contribution of Acharya Tulsi. This is the most important place of Terapanth community. Muni Jay Kumar is doing Vihar towards Ladnun. Cooccurring Sadhus of group of Muni Jay Kumar will take responsibility of Sadhu Seva Kendra, Jain Vishvabharti, Ladnun. Group of Muni Jay Kumar may take some time to reach Ladnun. So, group of Muni Swastik Kumar which is serving Jain Vishvabharti Seva Kendra will continue this responsibility till the group of Muni Jay Kumar reach. Muni Swastik Kumar may get free from this responsibility after reaching Muni Jay Kumar and taking responsibility of serving by cooccurring Sadhus of the group.
His Holiness blessed all the groups to serve with the emotions of Nirjara and responsibility and give Chitta Samadhi to the unfit Sadhus and Sadhvis.


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