Epitome Of Jainism

Posted: 13.01.2018


New sprout of inquisitiveness has arisen to know more about Jain philosophy and religion. The whole atmosphere is charged with generosity of thoughts and isms. The scope for the studies of different literary works has widened. The scholars are enthusiastic in bringing forth the old literature in limelight, with all the phases, covering the new and developed science of editing. All these factors have been instrumental in escalating the momentum of new studies in different fields, and as such the inquisitiveness, to know more and more, has increased with spell and bound.

This small booklet is an outcome of that very inquisitiveness. Acharya Tulsi wished that the new seedlings should be watered properly, so that they might mature to be shady, flowery trees with full of Fruits. As such, small booklets, dealing with the subject matter should be brought to light to make the readers get an outline of that very subject. Muni Dulaharaj has attempted to fulfil this lacuna and I feel, his attempt has been fecundated. His style is simple, lucid and readable in the extreme. That the work has the advantage of English medium, is yet another proof that he has made his work more useful to a wide circle of readers. I wish him all success in future attempts.

1971, Raipur
Muni Nathmal


Epitome Of Jainism


Muni Dulheraj






Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun, India



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Epitome Of Jainism


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