06.12.2017 ►FB ►Preksha Meditation

Posted: 06.12.2017

Are you fed up of your tiring life and frustrating lifestyle?

Do you feel arousal of evil in your mind sometimes but realize after something wrong is done?

Are you loosing self control and resistance? Don’t worry my friend here is the solution for you.

Meditation can be used as the key to find steadiness in our choice of nonviolence over violence in our mind. It proves instrumental in the process of winning the inner negotiation-with fears, greed, insecurities and vanities knowing success in any endeavor in the outer realm depends upon this anyways. Being able to stop and breathe and take a moment to take a second quiet look at the situation helps to connect with our inner core which is the source and base of our inner wisdom. That is why you relax to meditate not meditate to relax. Meditation is about awareness expansion~!!

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