Ashtapad Maha Tirth

Posted: 28.11.2017

Jain Center of America Inc., New York has constructed a new temple for worship and other religious activities in 2005. Since then JCA has been gifted with a replica of Shri Ashtapad Maha Tirth, sculpted from crystal and gemstones, which was installed at the center in 2010.

To learn more about Ashtapad a lot of literature was collected from scriptures and compiled in XX Volumes. These articles are now being reviewed and a 10% selection of appx. 900 pages are being printed in 2 parts. Part 1 contains articles from scriptures (presented in this volume). While Part II which is related to research on Ashtapad will be published later on.

Whole granth is divided in eight chapters.


Ashtapad Maha Tirth

Compiled & Edited:

Dr. Rajnikant Shah, Dr. Kumarpal Desai






Jain Center Of America Inc.

HN4U Pdf Edition:

Ashtapad Maha Tirth


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