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Posted: 14.01.2018

The fiery body of an organism is made of fiery vargana. Normally, an organism has three bodies' gross or physical, karma and fiery body. On death of the organism the subtle karma and fiery bodies travel with the soul, which now takes birth in a new mode? Thus karma and fiery bodies have always been attached to the soul and they shall remain so till soul attains liberation, when they two bodies get detached and destroyed. The fiery body performs two important functions viz., management of the body system and providing support and controls for the same. The fiery body is supposed to be an electric body and a place for vital energy; it receives prana energy through breathing. Kirlian photography has photographed the invisible subtle body. Through this photography it has been seen that a luminous body leaves the physical body at the time of death.

According to science, there are three states of matter; solid, liquid and gas. Two more were added later-plasma and protoplasm or bio-plasma, which is known in Indian philosophy as "Prana Sakti". A Soviet physicist, Mr.V.C.Grischecov, has found that there are independent electrons and protons in the bio-plasma, having no connection with the nucleus. They have tremendous speed and have the power to intercept their message into other living beings. This is something like telepathy. This force is condensed in the spinal cord of the human beings.

After the intensive research on this subject, the Soviet scientists have reached some conclusions. They are as under:

  1. The basic source or seed of plasma is in the mind where it is stored in high density.
  2. Bio-plasma is mostly operational in the spinal cord and in the neurons.
  3. It is concentrated more in the various neuron centers of the body.

This proves the real existence of bio-plasma, which is quite similar to the concept of the subtle body as mentioned in Indian philosophy. Protoplasm is immortal, but the body is mortal. After death, the protoplasm does not perish. When we breathe, the protoplasm enters the body and through its property of nucleus it gives energy to the body. When the nucleus and its carrier agent protoplasm are weakened, we loose cetna (our living force). After death this protoplasm leaves the body and get merged into the environment. It then travels further through vegetation and finally enters new bodies through nutrition. It finally transforms itself into DNA and gets a new life through birth.

This nearly proves that 'Re-birth' is a possibility as is indicated by the results of the scientific analysis. Dr.W.J.Killer, a well-known physician in London, has carried out many experiments on the patients on their deathbed. He has documented in his book "The Human Atmosphere" that there is something like a cluster of light, which remains intact after the clinical death of body.

The Soviet scientists have now endorsed the philosophical doctrine of 'Re-birth' (or Reincarnation) or the cycle of births. They assert with certainty, "There exists subtle energy or an invisible body in the form of cluster of light, which covers the physical body in all living beings. We have obtained a proof for that." Such a cluster of light was observed through the electron microscope. Through it, they saw something as a discharge from the dying living being, which was seen only by clairvoyants earlier. Even in the living body, they could see the reflection of the same type of light.

A concept parallel to luminous body was developed by Vedic Rishis, in the form of five kosas (shells), and latter by western thinkers as energy bodies. The five kosas are annamaya kosa, pranamaya kosa, manomaya kosa, vigyanmaya kosa and anandmaya kosa. These kosas are normally in undeveloped state but can be developed by yogic and spiritual practices. The developed kosas produce many super abilities, like super natural powers, telepathy and clairvoyance, in the person. The western thinkers have described the Human Energy Fields in the body of a person. The Human Energy Field is a complex combination of overlapping energy patterns, which define the unique spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, make up of an individual. According to one school of thought a five-layer energy body system describes the Human Energy Field. In this system the physical body is counted as an energy body since all matter is ultimately energy. The other four bodies are the etheric energy body, the astral energy body, the mental energy body and the causal energy body. The higher subtle energy bodies overlap and interpenetrate the physical body. The five energy bodies make up the Human Energy Field or aura of a person. Its outer shape appears roughly egg like and extends out to 1 1/2 to two feet beyond the physical body in a normal person: however, this shape can be extended even further or contracted closer to the physical body depending on the mental and emotional state of the individual.

The energy bodies are supposed to be made of plasma. Jain philosophy regards that the luminous body is made of luminous vargana, which is 4-, touch subtle energy. The Human Energy Field is described for humans only but according to Jain philosophy the luminous body exists in all organisms. The luminous body in different species may consist of luminous varganas of different frequencies.

Different individuals of the same species have luminous bodies working on the same frequency and may possibly communicate with each other and establish a connection through telepathy if they have powers to do so. This shall not be possible between organisms of different species.

According to Bhagwati canon tejas vargana has eight- touch. There is also swasochhavas vargana, which is a mix of four touches, and eight touch matter. This requires some clarification. According to Vedic concept when an organism inhales air he also draws in prana, the vital energy, which is in subtle form. The prana energy can be considered to have four touches and the inhaled air made of GMV is eight-touch. So the concept of swasochhavas vargana is similar to the Vedic concept. The prana energy seems to be the fiery (tejas) vargana. There is mention in Vedic literature that the prana energy drawn in with inhaling process is discharged back while exhaling. It is probably assumed that having used their energy the prana particles become part of the body. This is same as assuming that the fiery vargana constitute the fiery body of the organism. The fiery body perhaps consists of both the fiery vargana and some subtle GMV. The fiery vargana may combine with GMV to provide the luminous body structure. Then the fiery vargana can be said to have eight- touch as pronounced by Bhagwati canon. Thus the fiery vargana exist as four- touch energy in the loka and perhaps as eight- touch matter in the fiery body. The fiery body, therefore, must have some weight, howsoever, small.

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