14.11.2017 ►Acharya Mahashraman Ahimsa Yatra

Posted: 14.11.2017
Updated on: 10.01.2018

सद्भावना का संदेश देते अहिंसा यात्रा पहुंची कुलगरिया हाई मदरसा 14-11-2017


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Non-violence travel press release

Ahuja travel to Kulgaria High Madarsa, giving message of good faith

  • Vraddhman non-violence visit in Vardhaman district is doing the non-violent consciousness of people awake
  • The departure of Ahimsa pilgrimage from Peace Rice Mill from Alamgun on Tuesday morning
  • According to the 15-meter drive, the good initiation of Acharya Shri in the High Madrasa located in Kulgaria village
  • A welcomes welcome to Acharyashri
  • History of morality, awakening, life can become good: Acharyashree Mahasamani
  • Maulana Abe Shahid associated with the management of madrasa in the reception of the Aacharyashree gave the Bhavbhivyakti

14.11.2017 Kulagaria, Vardhaman (West Bengal):

With three fundamental principles of goodwill, morality and disenchantment, non-violence Jain Svetambar Teerapanth Dharmasangha Ekadashamadhasta, representative of Lord Mahavira, Principal of non-violence, peaceman Acharyashree Mahasramanji West Bengal Rajarhat of Kolkata and Kolkata as the second largest metropolis of India In prosperous Cturmaskal 2017 2018 have been moving to the proposed Chennai Cturmas. Wherever their Jyoticharan stays, as if the place becomes so pure that it is established as a place of pilgrimage. The non-violence non-violence wing of West Bengal will now come out of the West Bengal border and enter the border of Jharkhand.

At present, the non-violent nonviolence travels in Vardhaman district are moving along with its leader. On Tuesday, the Acharyashree Mahasramanji departed from peace Rice Mill at Alamganj in Vardhaman district and proceeded further towards Mangal Bella in the morning. Visiting people of the villages coming in the way and blessing them, Acharyashri reached about fifteen kilometers of Kulgaria village in Vardhaman district. Today's Acharyashree's good debut in Kulgaria Hi Madarasa situated in the village. Maulana associated with the management of Madarsa now, along with Shahid, other villagers have warmly welcomed Acharyashree. Non-violence travel is in fact presenting such a spice of goodwill which proves its significance. During the non-violence tour, Acharyasree never visits the temples and then in the gurugas, then in the gurugas, then in the madarsas, it seems that if mutual goodwill is established all over the world then the steps of Acharya Shri Mahashramani in the direction of world peace will be worthwhile.

Aacharyashree gave inspiration to the people present in Pandal, a discourse made at Vidyalaya premises, saying that men get knowledgeable people in various subjects and forms, but the essence of knowledge is non-violence. Knowing violence can lead to a non-violent lifestyle; then a great essence of being a Gnani comes out. Violence makes the person sad, and non-violence is making people happy. Acharyashree encouraged people to avoid five ashes and make their life good, and said that the behavior which man does not feel good for himself, that behavior should not be used by himself for others. On the occasion of Children's Day, Acharyashree encouraged children to fulfill the principles of non-violence and ethics, saying that children are the future of the country and good values ​​in children should come. Children try to become God, great, scholar or at some stage.

Maulana Abu Shahid associated with the management of Madarsa after the audacity of Acharyashree's Shravan, gave his heartfelt expression of affection. On behalf of the Ahimsa Travel Management Committee, he provided gifts for the use of the school. Acharyashree gave him the limitation of all the three objectives of non-violence and gave him a holy place to live a life of intoxicant life.

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