A Radio History ►Vegetarianism: The Story So Far

Posted: 07.11.2017
Updated on: 08.11.2017


People have been arguing for vegetarianism for a very long time. The history of animal advocacy stretches back to iron age Greece and India, where voices emerge from prehistory challenging the idea that other animals exist solely for humans.

This 15-part series tells the whole story, from antiquity to the present, spanning the world. There are dozens of experts, visits, and dramatic readings. I’ve examined a royal inscription from an Indian king with one of the few people who can read it; and seen vegan shoes made in post-revolutionary America.


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The expenses for this project were raised by generous people around the world via a Kickstarter campaign. Backers are gratefully listed alongside the production team on the credits page. The series was also broadcast on London’s radio art station Resonance FM. The timeline uses pictures CC-BY-SA Ankur P CC-BY JuJu939 CC-BY-SA Doris Antony and CC-BY-SA Andrew Davidson.

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