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Posted: 24.11.2017

This book by Dr. N.L. Kachhara is different in many ways. It deals with the basic concept of "Realities", both the visible i.e. Matter (Pudgala) and Life (Jiva) and the intangibles: Dharma, Adharma, Akasa (Space) and Kala (Time), and then goes on to discuss Vargana, Cosmology and Evolution of Life. On each topic the Jain view and the modern scientific thought are compared side by side. Dr.Kachhara has made a scholarly and commendable effort in bringing both Jain thought and scientific view on the same pedestal, although there is scope for putting more rigors in these discussions. He neither uses the obscure language of scriptures nor the technical jargon of science but all subjects are discussed in a lucid and easily readable and understandable way. To make a meaningful comparison, the author has deviated from an orthodox view and has introduced some new concepts, which can be a matter of further investigation.

Dr.Narendra Bhandari
INSA Honorary Scientist
Member, Science Advisory Board, Chandrayaan-1, ISRO

Dr. N.L. Kachhara, an eminent scientist and engineer of repute, has done a yee-man service to Jainism and students of Jain scriptures, by bringing out, in his lucid and attractive style, a very comprehensive, meticulous, scientific English version of description of six realities viz., Dharma, Adharma, Akasa, Kala, Jiva and Pudgala. There are no English equivalents available for most of the technical terms used in Jain scriptures, which are in Prakrit or Sanskrit. Dr.Kachhara has dexterously coined most appropriate English equivalents, which can be comprehended easily by scholars and students, not conversant with Prakrit and Sanskrit. The book fulfills a long felt need of such an elucidative scientific study of a very difficult subject. This book is one of the finest literary, scientific and philosophical works available.

Suraj Mal Jain
Consultant Environment & Forestry
Author of Environmental Ethics

This is most up to date work done in this field covering latest scientific developments in almost all areas. One of the most serious and comprehensive attempt made in the recent years.

Dr.Surendra Singh Pokharna
Ex-Scientist, Physical Research Laboratory

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