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Posted: 07.10.2017
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Jain Society of Greater Detroit






Dear Society Members,

We are delighted to inform you that we are planning to publish JSGD calendar for year 2017-18.
We will distribute it to all members during our upcoming Diwali celebrations, on 10/22/17.
This calendar will have all Tithis, Sunrise-Sunset & Pachkkhan timings, JSGD Events, Major Holidays and many more such important information.

The sponsorship Nakro is $251 for each month - one calendar page. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to select a month of your choice - anniversaries, birthdays, etc. and to make donation to temple! We will include your family members' names with a motivational message of your choice.
We have always received overwhelming positive response from society members and we are very thankful for your wholehearted and generous financial contributions.

Please contact Ankit Shah, 248-636-9012 (ankitjsgd(at)gmail.com) for more information.

Jaimik Shah                                                     Shashin Shah
EC - President                                                EC - Vice President




NAV-PADJI AYAMBIL OLI - 09/27/2017 - 10/05/2017



We are happy to announce that about 42 members have participated & performed Ayambil Oli Aradhana at temple, during this Ayambil Oli. We hope that all tapasvi are in good shata! Khub Khub Anumondana!
We sincerely thank you all volunteers who have helped us during this Ayambil Auri, ranging from planning to grocery procurement to food preparation to food serving to Kitchen Cleanup to overall event coordination!

Ayambil Oli Pictures Link:
Pictures credit: Sharadbhai Shah



October 2017 JSGD Nav-Padji Ayambil Oli



JSGD STUDY CLASS ANNUAL DAY - Sunday, 10/08/2017




JSGD Study class students will participate and demonstrate their talents on our Annual day program scheduled on Sunday, 10/08/2017.
Please join us to enjoy, experience and encourage our young enthusiastic students.
The program will start at 2:00 PM followed by light dinner.
Please support the event by sponsoring for food and prizes for the kids. The sponsorship sheets will be posted on the bulletin board. Sponsors can also approach study class co-ordinators.










Jain Society Of Greater Detroit

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